Shardbound's Exclusive Beta - a cover image of General Vardan and a bird primal

Shardbound's Exclusive Beta

What’s up, Rangers! Shardbound has opened up a whopping 3,000 spots for its largest playtest yet, and we’ve filled them in just a week!

With these playtest spots eaten up so quickly, we have decided to open up 500 more. first come first serve.

If you haven’t secured your spot, fill out our waitlist HERE!

With over 100,000 collective community members, we are so excited by the traction we’re seeing. Let’s dive into some of the features that make this beta BIGGER and BETTER!

Want a crash course in Shardbound? Check out our Shardbound 101 guide!

✨ Defeat your opponents your way

We’re all about celebrating YOU. We believe every player is unique, so why should their playstyle or deck be any different? In the last playtest, we introduced Card Upgrades, a feature that allows you to lean into your favorite cards. In this playtest, you’re rewarded for doing so.

We’ve also added features that will let you understand the overall power of your card, deck, and collection.

Matchmaking will now take into consideration your overall deck power. If you are matched with an OP player, there is loss protection, so you don’t get penalized for GOING FOR IT. #weloveunderdogs

We are a game which champions the spirit of exploration, Ranger! It’s our goal to empower you to experiment freely and get rewarded for discovering who you are in the epic world of Shardbound!

✨ Better than Ever

A new playtest means even more new features! In this playtest, all players will start with a Green Deck, led by General Vardan. Play matches, upgrade your cards, and explore a world that unlocks before you via the ALL-NEW battle pass.

As you progress, you might find that you’re stacking up some currency! Head to the store, Ranger to buy the cards that you want, OR spend currency to upgrade your cards!

For the first time, you can buy things in the store! Please note that the game is still in beta and we’re planning to make important changes which could result in some or all of the contents of your account being removed. In any case where that happens, you will be refunded the full value of the removed items in in-game currencies at launch with an additional bonus in currencies on top of it.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on what these different currencies are used for!

And last but not least, Shardbound has had a glow-up! With an all-new look to the cards and units, Shardbound has never been more immersive. Dive into a world of a thousand stories!

Don’t miss your chance to play, Ranger!

If you’re as excited as we are, don’t miss YOUR chance. Jump into our waitlist and secure your spot!

And don’t miss out on all the exclusive benefits and updates that go to our community. Follow us on Twitter and Discord!

We’ll see you on the battlefield, Ranger!

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