ascent to the shards

Our Ascent to the Shards

There are few universal truths, but here’s one - leveling up and being rewarded for it feels awesome. And yet, in so many games, leveling up feels like a total grind.

Enter the "Ascent to the Shards" playtest! This playtest is focused on getting your feedback to ensure that future Shardbound players feel AWESOME for leveling up their decks and battlefield skills.

Just as our community of 1,000 fearless Rangers helped to shape the core PvP matches with feedback in the September ‘23 Alpha, we now turn to YOU to refine these new features - the battle pass, weekly quests, and card upgrades!

Join us in our “Ascent to the Shards” — where we collectively forge the path to the future of Shardbound, ensuring our players will come back time and again to continue their journey. Now hurry, your adventure starts NOW!

Explore, Elevate, and Conquer!

Every player is totally unique, so why should your playstyle be any different? Shardbound is a game that champions the spirit of exploration, empowering every player to delve into the depths of the world, experiment freely, and celebrate their discoveries. We’ve designed these features to encourage you to embark on a journey and find the cards and units you truly resonate with when you deploy them on the battlefield.


Completing quests in Shardbound gives you XP for embarking on a variety of adventures. From daily challenges to experimenting with different battlefield tactics and deck strategies, our quests are tailor-made to guide you through all that Shardbound has to offer!

Battle Pass

XP earned from completing quests isn't just a number—it's your key to unlocking levels in the battle pass. And what do those levels unlock? Only the stuff dreams are made of—new cards! Plus, you'll earn Royal Marks along the way, which you can spend at the Shop for…what? Even more cards!

Card Upgrades

As you play through quests, unlock levels in the battle pass, and explore other cool features, your deck in Shardbound will grow and evolve, just like you! Along the way, you'll uncover the unique backstories of your cards and start to figure out your own style of play.

When you’ve collected extra copies of a card, it’s upgrade time! You can spend those copies to level up your card's stats—like health, attack, or spell power.

This way, you’ll be able to build a deck that starts to feel truly custom-tailored to the way you like to play Shardbound. Find yourself falling in love with the Tempest Hound (because he’s just the goodest boy in the whole wide world)? BOOM! Now, you can unlock his full potential and unleash him upon your opponents.

Get ready for the ascent, Ranger!

Missed this playtest? No problem, Ranger! Simply pre-register, follow us on X, and join our Discord to ensure you're included in the next one!

And along the way, ascend the leaderboards and find yourself featured just like these amazing Rangers below!

Hope we see you on the battlefield, Ranger!

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