First: thanks for checking out Shardbound!

Second: we’re sorry you’re having issues - let’s get you sorted out!

This page is intended to help you solve basic technical or account issues. If your issue isn’t listed here, or if you still can’t solve it, scroll down for direct contact information. We want to help!



Shardbound runs on Unreal Engine 4, so please make sure you meet the min spec posted on the store page. 

Presently the graphics card is the most important component that affects performance. Older laptops with integrated chip sets are likely to struggle the most. Lowering the graphical quality setting and/or lowering your resolution in the options menu can make a huge difference.

We are constantly improving performance as we move through the alpha development phase. If you are affected by performance issues, please keep an eye on the patch notes. You can always find them on our Steam page:

I am experiencing low framerate.

I see "Unable to initialize Steam" when launching the game.

Restarting Steam often resolves this issue. If not, most causes of Steam being unable to initialize are due to antivirus or firewall software. Please check this Steam troubleshooting page for information about how to resolve this issue:

The game is crashing when I start a match.

UPDATE: We have patched in a fix for the majority of crashes that were occurring while loading into levels. If you were previously running into consistent crashes, please try again with the new version of the client. It is likely that the problem has been resolved.

Most crashes occur when players on low-end machines load into a match (often times in the first tutorial mission). There is a known issue in current versions of the Unreal Engine where this is occurring to some players sporadically, but it has been very difficult for anyone to track down the root cause. Resolving this is a high priority, but it will take some time as we work with the Unreal development community and video card manufacturers to find the source of the problem.

In some cases, updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version may help.


I was in the pre-Alpha - can I keep my account?

Yes! When you first launch the game, it will give you the option to link your existing Shardbound account. Simply enter your email and password and you're good to go.

Get in touch with us directly


Join us in our official Discord #troubleshooting channel. 

We pop in here often, but please keep in mind that we’re a small studio in California and we need to sleep on occasion!

Don’t want to wait around in Discord? Hit us up via email. We’ll do our best to get back with you and help you out.

I am unable to connect to servers, or I lost connection during a match.

If you are unable to connect to Shardbound servers at all or are unable to connect to the social servers, please check that your internet connection is working and that you do not have any antivirus or firewall software that may be interfering. Most often this occurs at schools or internet cafes; contact your network administrator for help opening ports in the range 4440-4450.

Matches (both bots and PvP) require persistent connection to the game servers. If you lose connection entirely, you may get sent back to the overworld. If this happens, or if you lose connection due to a crash, please note that you may reconnect. Look for the green 'Reconnect' button by zooming out to the Overworld.

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